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The Ultimate List of Podcast Newsletters for Podcast Recommendations and Discovery

If you’re a podcast enthusiast, I don’t have to tell you that podcast discovery is a challenge. And if you don’t believe me, perhaps this chart showing the explosion of podcast programming will convince you:


The boom in new podcasts has created a challenge when it comes to finding new content—a good problem to have, I'll admit. Podcast players like Apple or Spotify offer charts and lists of popular programs. Word of mouth recommendations from friends or online forums are another great way to find shows. I've also written on the topic in a past article, "Resources for Discovering New Podcasts." And while there are numerous ways to find new podcasts, this article focuses on a favorite: the podcast newsletter.

Email newsletters are one great way to keep abreast of interesting new podcasts. Most are free and will deliver a list of curated picks weekly straight to your inbox (some with zero to minimal advertising). Readers of this blog know that I post curated selections in my weekly link roundup as well as in my newsletter. However, I sometimes run out of ideas and when this happens I turn to word-of-mouth recommendations, my RSS feeds, and newsletters for inspiration.

What follows is a list of podcast newsletters that I find helpful for discovering new podcast content. I’ve split the listing into two sections*:

  1. Podcast newsletters for listeners. These publications gear their content towards people who consume podcasts and are looking for interesting new programming from a wide range of topics.
  2. Podcast industry newsletters. These publications are intended for people who work and follow the podcasting industry: creators, advertisers, and the like. I’ve included a handful of handpicked industry newsletters that are of interest to listeners (there are far more of these out there than listed in this article).

Note: Paid newsletters are indicated with a "$" symbol. All other publications offer free subscriptions.

Podcast Newsletters for Listeners

1.5X SpeedSubscribe | Archive  Weekly. Nick Quah highlights 6-8 podcasts.
Bello CollectiveSubscribe | ArchiveFortnightly. Large editorial staff offers eclectic picks.
Earbuds CollectiveSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Guest curators recommend 5 shows based on a common theme.
Fiction Podcast WeeklySubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Focus on audio drama and storytelling.
Find that PodSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Each issue recommends five podcasts.
Great British PodcastsSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Recommendations, interviews, and new releases.
Hurt Your BrainSubscribe | ArchiveFortnightly. Curated podcasts plus articles and videos.
The Listener ($)Subscribe | ArchiveDaily. Paid subscription. 3 recommendations per post.
Pod PeopleSubscribe | ArchiveMonthly. Dozens of recs alongside podcast news.
Podcast Brunch ClubSubscribe | ArchiveMonthly. Issue feature a theme to promote thoughtful discussion.
Podcast DeliverySubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Two podcasts per issue: a spotlight and a bonus.
Podcast GumboSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Each issue recommends 3 podcasts
Podcast the NewsletterSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Recommendations, news, interviews with creators and enthusiasts.
Podcast ReviewSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. 5 podcast recommendations per issue.
Podyssey NewsletterSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Recommendations from the Podyssey community.
This Week in PodcastsSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Recommendations, lists notable interviews and new releases.

Podcast Industry Newsletters

Hot PodSubscribe | ArchiveSeveral times per week depending on the news cycle.
Hot Pod Insider ($)Subscribe | ArchiveBiweekly. Nick Quah's paid subscription newsletter.
Inside PodcastingSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. News, trends, podcast events.
Pacific Content NewsletterSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. Industry events, trends and client podcasts.
PodMov DailySubscribe | ArchiveDaily. Industry advocacy and tips for creators.
Podcast PerspectivesSubscribe | ArchiveWeekly. News and trends in the industry.
PodnewsSubscribe | ArchiveDaily. Podcast business news, job listings, events and more.

My Favorite Newsletter

If I had to pick a single newsletter from the listing above, I'd have to go with Michael Yessis' "This Week in Podcasts"—I've discovered so many great programs from this publication. It's definitely my go-to. But with so many high-quality free publications to choose from, nothing's stopping you from subscribing to all of them. And if the thought of your email inbox overrun with too many subscriptions is unbearable, I offer three remedies:

  • Create an email address only for newsletter subscriptions (e.g. or something similar) and use that single-purpose email for all your newsletters.
  • Use an RSS reader that supports newsletter subscriptions like Feedly or Inoreader.
  • Bookmark the newsletter archive page and check the archive periodically for the current issue and latest recommendations.

I hope the above helps you find some interesting new podcasts. If I’m missing your favorite podcast newsletter, please let me know.

* A word on the selection criteria: I’ve been careful, for the most part, to include only active newsletters that adhere to a regular publication schedule or frequent publication. There are other excellent newsletters that have been omitted because they are either (a) defunct or (b) too sporadic with their publication schedule.

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