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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 11/09/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items from my media diet of the past week.



  • Dan Carlin: Hardcore History ( Long conversation between Lex and Dan covering a wide range of historical topics.
  • Imaginary Worlds ( Podcast series that explores fantasy and speculative fiction topics. Fascinating inquiries into questions such as magical thinking and fascism in speculative fiction.
  • The Lost Cities of Geo ( A look at the impact of GeoCities which, in the 1990s, captured the imagination of early web-users by providing them with tools to build a vibrant community under the auspices of a virtual “city.”
  • Monopoly and Academic Decathlon ( John Green considers the venerable board game (and its complex history) and then offers a touching reminiscence of high school. Shoutout to reader SH for the recommendation.
  • Resistance: Coach G ( The eye-opening story of the only black man in the town of Harvard, Nebraska.

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