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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 10/05/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items from my media diet of the past week.



  • Chameleon: The Hollywood Con Queen ( Mini-series about a scam in which hundreds of Hollywood workers have been duped into flying to Indonesia to work on a film that doesn’t exist.
  • Driving the Green Book ( Multi-episode series in which host Alvin Hall drives from Detroit to New Orleans and hears the oral histories of African American voices for whom the Green Book was a matter of survival during segregation.
  • The Fall of Civilizations: Byzantium-Last of the Romans ( Move over Dan Carlin and Hardcore History, this 3.5 hour episode had me a the edge of my seat as the host traverses 1000 years of politics, crusades and cultural upheavals.
  • Rough Translation: How to Be an Anti-Casteist ( What is "caste privilege," and what does it mean for South Asians in the United States?

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