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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 06/08/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items of my media diet from the past week.


  • America Is Giving Up on the Pandemic ( “This health crisis reflects our nation’s political, social, and civic infrastructure…”
  • Avoiding the Global Lobotomy ( Thoughtful critique on the smartphone-social-media-rapid-news-rapid-response cycle that supplies consumers with constant stimulation, outrage, and dopamine.
  • Evergreen Notes ( Well-implemented zettelkasten-like note-taking system. You can review Matuschak’s publicly available notes and read about his note-taking principles.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge Sounds Like a David Lynch Movie Now ( New additions to the iconic bridge inadvertently create one of the world’s largest musical instruments.
  • How an Annoying Video Game Strategy Became a Viral Internet Meme ( The history of “smurfing” which involves prominent high-level players making alternate accounts to play against weaker opponents in anonymity.
  • How Four Americans Robbed the Bank of England ( Setting: Victorian London. Four Yankee scoundrels hatch a scheme to rob the safest bank in the world.
  • Pepsi’s $32B Typo Caused Riots ( A cash-prize promotion run by Pepsi to boost its profile in the Philippines in the early 1990s turns into a disaster when too many winning bottle caps are distributed.
  • The Weaponization of Diversity ( Well argued, sober piece on the complexity and challenges facing underrepresented groups from breaking into the high-risk, high personal-capital world of tech entrepreneurship.
  • Why Everyone Hates the Mainstream Media ( People care about states and newspapers are engaged in status games. The result according to the newspaper editor who wrote this piece: “to read a newspaper essentially involves being insulted on a regular basis.”
  • Why Tacit Knowledge Is More Important than Deliberate Practice ( Author considers tacit knowledge—“knowledge that cannot be captured through words alone”—as the optimal path to skill acquisition and expertise.


  • The Building a Second Brain Podcast ( Tiago Forte’s first season (11 short episodes) offers an overview of his system for managing information overload.
  • Deep Questions with Cal Newport ( The author of “Deep Work” and “Digital Minimalism” launches a new podcast. The 60-minute episodes are comprised of Newport answering audience-submitted questions.
  • The Rewatchables ( Bill Simmons’ very entertaining series takes a look at “classic” films—Armageddon, Crimson Tide, Gladiator and the like.

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