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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 06/01/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items of my media diet from the past week.



  • Code Switch: A Decade of Watching Black People Die ( Since 2015, 1,252 black people have been shot and killed by police—a number that doesn’t include those that died in custody or who were killed by other means.
  • Conversations with Tyler: Ashley Mears on Status and Beauty ( Sociologist and former fashion model Ashley Mears offers an objective analysis of the social and economic dynamics of “bodily capital” in the modeling industry.
  • Every Little Thing: When Astronauts Come Home ( NASA astronaut Christina Koch walks listeners through the experience of leaving the International Space Station, falling back to earth in a cramped Soyuz capsule, and the challenges of readjusting to life and gravity.
  • Floating Hellscapes: The Carnival Corporation ( Ocean cruises promise luxury at affordable prices. The reality is that cost-cutting measures and legal loopholes can result in some very unpleasant memories when things go wrong for tourists at sea.
  • How I Built This: Tate’s Bake Shop ( Guy Raz interviews Tate’s founder Kathleen King. Surprisingly candid look at entrepreneurship and rebounding from a devastating business failure.

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