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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 05/11/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items from my media diet from the past week.



  • Against the Rules: Don’t Be Good—Be Great ( Michael Lewis tells the story of Billy Fitzgerald, the coach that he wrote about in his 2008 book “Coach: Lessons in the Game of Life.”
  • This American Life: The Out Crowd ( This episode, about Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ asylum policy, won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting.
  • How I Built This: Impossible Foods ( Interview with Pat Brown who founded the company when he was 60 and set out to create a plant-based burger that even hardcore carnivores would love.
  • Wind of Change ( 8-part series about a heavy metal power ballad that helped bring down the Soviet Union. The hook: was it written by the CIA and part of covert psychological operation?

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