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Articles & Podcasts of Note (Week of 03/16/2020)

Every Friday I highlight the most interesting or entertaining items from my media diet from the past week. These weekly lists will include a variety of media—articles, blog posts, forum threads, podcasts and videos—from a range of sources. It’s a personal bookmark archive of sorts but if it's helpful to others, that’s great too.



  • Disgraceland: Guns N’ Roses ( 2-part episode about the origins and self-destructive antics that made this one of the most notorious acts of the late 80s.
  • Econtalk: Munger on Price Gouging ( This 2007 episode of Econtalk is still relevant today and provides a good overview of the basic lessons of price fluctuations and price controls.
  • Floodlines ( 8-part series about the aftermath in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina

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